At last, I’ve finally mustered enough conviction to get my ass up and write again. I’ve always been careful about writing everyday life without sounding like a whiny little prick, So here goes…

Does this equation still exist Artist+Ad Agency=Creative? At first glance you’d think otherwise. Advertising in theorem kills art and, ultimately, the artist. This is the process that theoretically murders them both:

The artist does the work, the creative director improves, if not, bastardizes the work, it is then handed down to accounts, where further bastardization takes place and finally the Client, who is, by the way, more of an illiterate in aesthetics than a 3-month old silver-back gorilla. Client sees the work then, BANG! shoots it down like a rabid dog, patches it up, calling it revisions, brings it back to you, repeating the whole process, until you get to the Final Artwork, which looks like version of the Frankenstein-monster’s Mona Lisa.


But always consider this phrase by Alan Moore “Ideas are Bulletproof”. If your ideas have conviction and character, even if they are weird and offbeat, they will pass by the unscrupulous hands of the higher ups unscathed. Remember that creativity is NOT the end result, it’s the strategy.

So, my friend, the equation: Artist+Ad Agency=Creative does not exist. It is merely a distraction to keep you from thinking your good ideas by forcing you to look for something that isn’t there. This distraction will ultimately grab hold of you and choke you to death with false pretenses of what should be and what could be.

Dang, I knew I should have been a teacher.