K’s right.

Being a reader of various forms of literature, I’ve always looked forward to buying my next book. Unfortunately, the so called authority on books have always overpriced their supplies. Any poor schmuck would, almost, always end up salivating at their store windows and shelves, mentally computing their sweldos or allowances for a certain book. Unfortunately, the owners of these establishments are never content with pricing them fairly.

Thank God for Booksale. The only thing regrettable about them is the way they handled their books. But if you look at the bright side, It only makes you want to liberate those books out of their shelves.

Let me end this by quoting K, “Well, forget POWERBOOKS and their overpriced wares! Long live BOOKSALE and other establishments who cater to our hunger for knowledge and take into consideration our meager resources! Support second-hand books and twenty-peso copies of works by The Masters Of Literature!”

‘Nuff Said