Advertising’s tough when you can’t really claim that you’ve made a certain print ad/tvc/poster or any collateral that accompanies a campaign or product. Scenarios that force me to point out one of my works to friends outside advertising usually end up in ego-shattering embarrassment.

One such time was when I told my old college buddies, in all my drunken stupor, that I redesigned/overhauled the Shakey’s Menu BEFORE it came out. They just stared in disbelief, Telling me that I had too much to drink. It wasn’t after a week, when they saw it for themselves, did they believe me.

That’s why, nowadays, I’m letting my works speak for me. Here’s one example:

Little Bunch Design Click on link to enlarge

This is one of the eight panels of the Munchkin boxes that I redesigned. The characters were inspired by friends and family with the old character’s outfits and names to retain their familiarity. The background was a compromise between me and my boss, resulting in a bright albeit mediocre background.