Being an insomniac, i am prone to wander off to websites ranging from popular to obscure. And a couple of minutes ago I chanced upon a Bionic Six tribute website. For those who don’t know, Bionic Six is one of those cartoons that they showed during the 80’s. I felt giddy as thoughts of 80’s cartoons came rushing in, Even Uncle Bob and the Lucky Seven club came slamming in my head. Dang, I remember joining their club just to get myself a Thundercat Lion-O figure.

Here’s are just some of the things that made growing up in the 80’s memorable:

We believed that knowing is half the battle.
We had siestas
We thought Fraggle Rock was real.
The most beautiful woman in the world was Phoebe Cates, next to Tita Maggi.
We also wanted to go to Aruba, or Jamaica, or Bermuda, or the Bahamas.
We cried when Mr. Hooper died. We also cried when Atreyu’s horse died.
We knew how to gain a 100 lives in Super Mario Bros.
Our heroes were Parker Louis, Kevin from the Wonder Years, MacGyver or Doogie Howser.
Nothing beats Hi-C, except, maybe, grape-flavoured Sunny.
We still remember how they formed Voltron.
We were Hulkamaniacs
We wanted to have a little robot sister named Vicki
We wanted to ride Falcor
We were scared of The Nothing. Well, at least, I was.

Dang, No wonder girls bullied me.