Once upon a time, there was a crash test dummy boy named Vince. Vince lived with his crash test dummy family. He had the best family a crash test dummy boy could ever ask for; a patient dad, an indestructible mom, a dependable brother and a tough baby sister. His dad worked daily at a big-named motor company and always took them to work for free fun-rides during weekends. Yes, it was a good life alright.


But, little Vince had a secret. Vince had always wondered what it would be like to be a normal boy. He kept it a secret because these aren’t the things normal crash test boys and girls should be thinking of. But still, he thunk and he thunk and he thunk until his thoughts became wishes and then became fishes and filled the whole ocean. The fishes then reached the castle of the retired Blue Fairy of the Seas. The fishes ranted on and on about the wishes of a little crash test dummy so much, bubbles filled her chambers, her hallways and even her throne room. It was enough to make the Blue Fairy come out of retirement. She decided she would grant the wish of another wooden boy one last time.


One evening, the Blue Fairy visited Vince. She crept up slowly to the foot of his bed and woke him up with a soft nudge. Vince was immediately startled by the glowing blue lady at the foot of his bed. The Blue Fairy said “Don’t be startled, kid. I’m doin’ ya a favor.” Vince answered “Who are you?” “I’m the Blue Fairy, goddess of all things wooden” “But why aren’t you brown?” “Give me a break, kid. Brown was already taken” “Who took it?” “Believe me kid, you don’t want to know. Anyway, are we going to do this, or what?” “Do what?” “You wished to become a real boy didn’t you?” “Uhm, yes?” “C’mon kid, spit it out. D’you wanna be a real boy or not?” “Y-yes, I do” “Then repeat after me, Pine, Oak, Pine, Oak, This I uncloak…” “P-p-pine, Oak, Pine, Oak, This I uncloak…” “I enmesh bone and flesh, and relieve my yoke” I-i-i enmesh bone and flesh, and relieve my yoke”. Then, with a flash of blinding light, Vince’s body transformed from artificial to real. His once bald head now became full with hair, what once was a hard and synthetic exterior now became soft and pink skin. “I’m a real boy!” he exclaimed and he jumped out of sheer joy. He jumped, and he jumped that it irritated the Blue Fairy so much; she cast the spell of sleep on him during mid-jump. Vince lay sprawled, sleeping on the floor.


When Vince woke up, the Blue Fairy was gone. The first rays of the sun were just peering from the horizon. Vince realized he was the only one awake. Perfect. He wanted to surprise his family with his new transformation, so he waited for them in their living room. And when they woke up, they found Vince, happily skipping to and fro on the couch. His father, instantly recognizing his son, hugged him. “My boy!” he cried “Look at you, you’re real!” The rest of his family followed and gave him hugs and kisses. Truly, this was the happiest day of his life.

He wanted to show the whole world that he became a real boy, so he ran as fast as he could outside their house. Suddenly, a Mac truck came out of nowhere. It ran over him and killed him.


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